Vast Right Wing Conspiracy LIVE on YOUTUBE @ 8pm – #MarcoRubio and Sugar Subsidy, #DonaldTrump and more #BlackLivesMatter

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Title says it all. We’re talking #MarcoRubio  and #DonaldTrump  along with the GOP. We’re also talking about the #BlackLivesMatter

VRWC Radio LIVE at 8pm – #DonaldTrump, #HillaryClinton, #JaredFogel, #UniversityofAlabama sorority

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We’re back after a week hiatus. Today we discuss #DonaldTrump and the week he’s had with his latest poll numbers. Then we move onto #HillaryClinton and talk about her latest issues. Then we’ll throw in a little #JaredFogel #ScottWalker and the #UniversityofAlabama sorority that got into trouble with a stupid video. 

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy LIVe at 8PM – #PlannedParenthood, #DonaldTrump, #RepublicanDebate

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It’s Paul and Jimmy this week as Ethan is retired and Tom is in the hospital with child. Today, well, we’ll see what happens. We’re talking about more Planned Parenthood nonsense, Baltimore’s federalization of police, and Donald Trump.

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy LIVE at 8pm – Talking #Cuckservative #HulkHogan and #PlannedParenthood

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The band’s back together today with another full plate of topics to discuss. The third #plannedparenthood video came out. More gruesome details there. A term called #cuckservative has emerged. We discuss the meaning. And #WWE is purging #HulkHogan from its roles.

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy LIVE at 8pm – #Trump vs. #GOP, New #Obama HUD regulations, #PlannedParenthood strikes again

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We’re back for another week of fantastic radio. We discuss the new HUD regulations that will be coming out tomorrow and how it will transform neighborhoods for the worse. Trump and the GOP continue to square off. Planned Parenthood is under attack again. Good. 

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy LIVE at 8pm – #PlannedParenthood and #Abortion, #Iran, #DonaldTrump, and #JaredFogle

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Have a loaded show after a week off. Big news today regarding Obama’s Iran deal. We discuss. Planned Parenthood is involved with baby body trafficking. More Republicans attack Donald Trump, and Jared Fogle is arrested. 

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy LIVE on YOUTUBE – Donald #Trump, Baltimore City and Confederate Statues, Jeb Bush

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Big news this past weekend as Donald Trump and how he’s the devil. There’s more political correctness running amuck, including at University of Texas where they want to take down George Washington’s statue. Speaking of statues, Baltimore is more concerned about them than the 11 people who were shot on Monday.