Free State Happy Hour – Roger Goodell, Fantasy Football, Iphone6plus, Scotland, Ethan Birthday Movies

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There’s three of us here today. We’re talking all kinds of pop culture and world news
– Scotland decided it wants to remain part of the UK – what this means for us…if anything
– Ethan is turning 53, we celebrate by talking about his worst movies
– Roger Goodell spoke today, we discuss
– And Iphone6 was released today. much news there

Non-Aggression live at 8 talking #scotland #football #freedom

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Tim flies solo tonight as he discusses Scottish independence and his week that was. Watch live here

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy 9/18/14 – ISIS, The View & Rosie O’Donnell, Star Spangled Banner, War on Poverty

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The boys are back together for another week in broadcasting mediocrity.
– We talk about the latest on ISIS, including the idiocy of college students
– Rosie O’Donnell returned to The View and immediately makes a horses ass of herself
-Ethan brings us an exclusive update on the War on Poverty
– Thomas Sowell column on cheap politicians from Town Hall
– Star Spangled Banner comes under attack
– An U2 released an album for free…sort of

Happy Hour at 4pm – Ray Rice, Roger Goodell, Taxes, Ravens fans, Chipotle, Fantasy Football

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End of the week is here and we have a few things to talk about
– The ongoing saga of Ray Rice, Roger Goodell, and Ravens fans
– Chipotle workers walk out
– Some issues with tax money being spent
– And Ethan’s Fantasy Football talk

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy at 8pm – #WhyIStayed #RayRice #IPhone6Plus #applewatch #AtlantaHawks

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Paul’s out today, but Jimmy Ethan and Tom tow the company line. Here’s what we talk about at 8pm
– Ray Rice was shitcanned, but there’s so much more to this story, including hypocrisy
– An Atlanta Hawks owner is in deep trouble over a “racist” email
– iPhone6 was revealed. We also discuss

FSHH at 4pm – #Fightfor14 #minimumwage #fantasyfootball #gargoyle

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End of week. Here’s what we’re talking about
– This ridiculous #fightfor15 thing is taking off. How will raging the wage affect you. We discuss
– DC made the list of snobbiest cities
– A gargoyle killed a woman
– Fantasy Football
– Beer of the Week

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy at 8pm – #ISIS #MichaelSam #EricCantor #MSNBC #Madden

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The band is back together for another full week of your finest broadcasting excellent.
-Another beheading in Syria. We discuss along with MSNBC reaction
-Melissa Harris-Perry and Abortion
-Madden 15 review….finally
-Maryland RenFest is on. We discuss?
-And Michael Sam was released