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I debated on drafting this as my first column. It’s a touchy subject that conjures harsh reactions from the self-importants. But the hell with it. Go ahead and blast me.

Last night Coca-Cola aired that commercial. You know which one I’m speaking about.

The moment it aired I knew that the inevitable Twitter self-importants would peel themselves off the couch and take to the Internet. I knew some of my fellow conservatives in their Budweiser-induced rage would let it be known that people should learn to speak English. Let’s just say some were not as eloquent as others. There were a few of them. And even as I search the day after, I can only find a handful. It would be silly to ignore their hatred. But it’s their opinion. They’re entitled to it.

But do us all a favor, if you want people to speak English because you are genuinely a racist, just please stop. Seriously, stop. You’re not doing our side any good. Your giving the libs more ammo to twist to their own devices. And it’s a damned commercial. It’s honestly not about making a statement. It’s about making money. Remember, controversy creates cash.

But what’s being overlooked is the other side of the controversy. I also knew that the egos of my liberal friends couldn’t take it either. They would also take to Twitter and spout their wine cooler-induced hatred (yes, I said hatred). These hardcore occupiers who decry big corporations and their huge profits, environmental records, and the rest of the talking points actually defended Coke. Funny how we forget. Here are just a few. Go ahead and conduct a #Coke Twitter search. There are several of these gems:

Teabags whose descendants are from another country (every one of you) don’t get to be upset at Coke’s diversity ads. #tcot #Sorry
2/3/14, 4:16 PM
Aaaaahaha I’m just thinking of all the racists who sat down to enjoy their all-american pastime and had their day ruined by coke’s ad ahaha
2/3/14, 2:40 PM
Dear @CocaColaCo , you were already my soft drink of choice but now I promise to exclusively support you just to spite the racists. #Coke
2/3/14, 5:35 PM
In regards to the #Coke Ad which inbred imbeciles are complaining about: Have you 4gotten about where your families came from? What a shame.
2/3/14, 3:05 PM
Nice to see the inbred community refusing to support #Coke for their superbowl ad. As if they were able to afford brand names to begin with.
2/3/14, 2:50 PM
Another example of a racist piece of shit —> @hansfoss #Exposeracism #fuckinglosers #coke
2/3/14, 5:54 PM

Pure eloquence.

Make no mistake, the terms “teabags” “racists” “inbred imbeciles” and “fucking racist piece of shit” are no different than the small cadre speaking out against Coke for nefarious reasons. Actually, there’s a hell of a lot more of them trolling Twitter. The picture below captures who these people are attacking.


But it’s ok for them, because that type of hatred is ok and justified. I guess a stereotype of some white guy “redneck” is ok. Nothing wrong with that. Right?

Then there’s this.


Yep. Tolerance.

The entire controversy revolves around speaking English and immigration.

So, should people learn to speak English in the United States? Should immigrants who want to carry the red, white and blue learn another language? Absolutely. Why? Simply put, it’s part of the American culture. Don’t think so? Well, we, as in the United States of America, did secede from England. And last time I checked, the English spoke English. Our judicial system and laws also came right from granddaddy England. Think of it like going to Spain and expecting to speak Spanish. I wouldn’t expect them to cater to me because I come from a different country. ‘t is what it is. Deal with it.

It also affects an immigrant’s chance of success in this country.  That’s what this all about. Isn’t it? We want immigrants to come to our country and become an American. We certainly don’t want people coming to this country and maintaining an allegiance towards another nation. Who would make an argument against that behavior?

There’s also a history behind learning to speak English in this country. When we saw mass immigration in the early 1800’s and turn of the century 1900’s (the vast majority from European countries), immigrants came to this country, learned English, and busted their ass. Nothing was handed to them. That’s what made America strong. It’s the American culture. Of course, some of you scowl in anger because you perceive American as “angry white dude” culture. Stop it. Please, just stop it. If you think working hard and adapting is a bad thing, well, you need to reorganize your priorities. If you disagree,  what makes you think you’re any better than the German immigrants from the turn of the century? Why should they learn the language but others shouldn’t?

Don’t like the fact that’s where America came from? Then ignore the facts. Most of you bend them to your own devices. If you’re going to whip up some asinine study conducted by an Ivy League professor with an agenda, save it. This is about success not some feel good story. You need to learn English if you want to have a hand up in being successful in this country. It’s a fact.

Oh, and don’t give me the argument about how one clings to a language in order to preserve a culture. This is probably one of the most hypocritical remarks a liberal makes. Yes, we should all be for remembering your roots. I get that. But don’t give me that BS about how it’s racist to expect to learn a common language. These are the same over-educated intellectuals who patronize you for not learning another language when you visit another country.  You know, because it’s “respectful” to go to another country and speak to them in their native tongue. I guess the US is the only country without a native language.

In the end, the genius marketers at Coca-Cola got just what they wanted. They got attention. So go on and spout your self-righteous views. Guzzle that soda. Refuse to pick up that bottle of pop. In the end, it’s not about any specific agenda, and it’s especially not about you. It’s about profit. Don’t even begin to think otherwise.

– Braswell Out

One thought on “America the Beautiful

    sdresser32 said:
    February 3, 2014 at 7:25 pm

    I was right there with you, agreeing with a lot of what you said even though we’re on opposite sides of the spectrum, right until you compared liberals commenting on other’s people’s racism and, you know, ACTUAL racism.

    A liberal saying “that person over there is being racist” is not the same as a racist saying “that person there should learn to speak American”, and no matter how many rhetorical and logical loops you try to jump through to make it so, it won’t work!

    You said, “Make no mistake, the terms “teabags” “racists” “inbred imbeciles” and “fucking racist piece of shit” are no different than the small cadre speaking out against Coke for nefarious reasons”. That is utterly ridiculous. The first three are obviously nothing like racism, and the last one is born our of an urge to STOP PEOPLE FROM BEING RACIST!

    I do like your writing and your reality-based viewpoint, though. Sometimes it’s hard to find that among your compatriots.

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