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The Walking Dead….more like The Left’s Wet Dream

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By Ethan Grayson  (Ethan is the co-host of the Free State Radio Happy Hour Fridays at 4 PM)


AMC’s The Walking Dead ended last night, and short of having bbq sauce sprayed on the main characters, we pretty much as an audience know what we are looking at for Rick and his intrepid band.

That being said, count me as done. Done the comic, done the show. Why? The Walking Dead emphasizes everything I don’t believe in. Now, I get it. It’s a story. There is no zombie apocalypse coming, and you can’t take it literally, but the overwhelming message in The Walking Dead is left to their own devices, human beings are Evil. Depraved. Without order and structure, roving bands of marauders will attempt to rape our children and be eating us. There will be a handful of people whom you can trust and actually will do the right thing, but in general be prepared to have to do horrible things to survive. Like ripping someone’s throat out with your teeth because he is trying to rape your son. C’mon seriously? I am not dense I realize no one would watch a show where Hershel is explaining to Rick how to plant crops for eight episodes. But wasn’t this supposed to be a story where heroes struggle to survive from hordes of zombies? Not guess what, don’t worry about the zombies, because you all are worse than the zombies. If anything the zombies possess the moral high ground on the show, every single time. You know what they are.

The zombies all do the same thing. They have one purpose. Man, who possesses free will, fails and victimizes his fellow man as much as possible. So without order and structure and presumably Government, man will destroy himself.

It’s worth noting that when he toured the convention circuit, Robert Kirkman, The Walking Dead creator specifically said he was channeling George W. Bush when he created “The Governor.” For those familiar with either the comic or the show, one could make the serious argument that the whole notion of “The Governor” character is anti-Government. One of the small ironies of leftist logic is like most extreme right wingers, they believe in big big Government when it suits their purposes. When the other side has the reins, “you know what we have always been about small government. We have always believed without order and structure, Man does the right thing.” Well, the one message those who actually believe in small government believe is “left to his own devices, Man does do the right thing almost always.”

Otherwise, you believe in more Government and more order and structure. Libertarians and libertarians have multiple reasons for believing that Man will do the right thing almost always, and that is the nature of believing in freedom. Often it is said there is no message we can sell people, but if the Left wants to say “Yes we can!”, we need to be saying “Yes you can!” because after all we are ultimately about having faith in Man as an individual.

That be said, “Yes I can” stop giving my money and time to pop culture creators that do not have faith in Man, like they should.

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