The Freedom Agenda Part 1

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by Ethan Grayson

(Ethan Grayson is co-host of the Free State Radio Happy Hour, every Friday at 4pm)

I remember when my daughter was a little baby and I had just been laid off from Panasonic taking her and my son to see the people who worked at the temporary new Panasonic office.  There was a particular General Sales Manager who I entered into a conversation with and told him my father had lung cancer. “Your father smoked, right?” At that moment, in all honesty I wanted to slug the son of a bitch. Apparently since my father smoked, he deserved this death sentence.

Well truth be told, this type of conversation only bothered my father somewhat. Despite being raised in the era before warning labels my father always believed that  putting something foreign into his lungs and his body probably wouldn’t have good results. My father was born in 1940s America and in the end knew smoking killed him, and he made that decision. Besides chewing nasty bubble gum, occasionally drinking too much (never driving afterwards) and once in a blue moon losing his temper (we do have some Irish blood folks), my father smoked. It was his vice. It was his decision. It killed him. He made less fuss about it than others who knew him. 

I really believe if my father were here now he would be proud of what we are trying to accomplish on Free State Radio. My father would be a libertarian. For one simple reason, the Rs and the Ds have failed us enough. It’s Rs and Ds who got warning labels put on cigarettes. Why? Because a vast majority of elected Rs and Ds believe you don’t own you. Why? So they can have more power. It’s not about your health or well being. I am not sure if it ever has been. It’s always been about making themselves and their successors more powerful. And us, the We The People part of the equation that the Founders put the vast majority of faith in, fail to deliver our dividend time and time again.

So why do the same people who support smoking cigarettes, the same elected and constituent Rs and Ds not support marijuana legalization? They believe you don’t own you. They cart out illogical arguments about marijuana causing schizophrenia. Or worse yet, they call it a “gateway” drug, whatever the hell that means, and often use this terminology while drinking a beer or mixed drink. They claim it will lead the user to heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and all the other evils modern drug America has produced (which ironically enough are mainly a product of drug illegalization and our failed “War on Drugs”). Another argument I love hearing is what about when a high person gets behind the wheel of a car? What do we do then? Um, I think there are already laws for reckless driving, etc. The truth of the matter is if you believe in small limited government, you need to believe you own you. An individual cannot tell another individual they cannot destroy their own body. On the flip side, an individual cannot ask me to financially support the destruction of their own body, but that is a conversation for another day.

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