Month: June 2014

Free State Happy Hour @ 4pm – #AAPrimary14 post-mortem, #MDreps Unity, Andy Harris & #Pot, Thad #Cochran, #Transformers

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Jimmy flying solo today.

With a long week behind us, Jimmy will share his thoughts on

1.) The Maryland GOP primary, particularly what happened in Anne Arundel; Also will discuss the Unity Party 

2.) Rep Andy Harris wants to overturn DC pot decrim. I discuss

3.) Thad Cochran and McDaniel

4.) Transformers!

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VRWC returns at 830 to talk #AAPrimary14 results

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We talk #AAPrimary14 Results


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FSR is LIVE at 3pm – Talking #Washington #Redskins #Trademark, #MDPolitics, #Election2014 and much, much more

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Ethan and Jimmy take you into the weekend with another exicting…or not so exciting…episdoe of Free State Happy Hour

A couple of hot button topics today

We talk about the Washington Redskins trademark issues and the bullshit surrounding the name

We also talk about local Maryland politics and the election around the corner, particularly this article 

All that and more

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VRWC Returns at 8pm – #IllegalImmigration #AACoDebate rehash #TaxeCuts #WorldCup

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The boys kick off the FSR broadcasting week with a plethora of knowledge dropped on you.

We recap the #AACoDebate. In case you haven’t seen the clips, take a look at the post below

How Thomas Sowell’s prediction about rich (fast forward to 14:00) not paying taxes if they are raised is coming true

A bunch of news about illegal immigrants, particularly one town in Virginia fighting back

That, and much, much more.

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Post #AACoDebate Interviews – @Schuh2014 @LauraNeumanExec @DianaWaterman

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We interviewed the candidates:
Delegate Steve Schuh 1:00 – 11:00
County Executive Laura Neuman 24:00 – 37:20

We were also joined by:
MDGOP Chairman Diana Waterman 13:50 – 23:30 about the future of the MDGOP
Supreme MDGOP Activist and former Delegate Don Murphy 37:20 – 58:00 about open primaries

Also, Tom joined with the FSR straw poll at 11:10

#NAP is live at 8 Talking Qualifications for Office #obama #schuh

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Join Paul & Tim for another exciting episode of the Non-Aggression Principle as they discuss what makes someone qualified for office. After that brilliant philosophical discussion they will bring you their morons of the week.