The Freedom Agenda Part 2

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by Ethan Grayson, co-host of the Free State Radio Happy Hour and Founding Member of the Free State Radio Network

I apologize it’s been months since I wrote the first part of this series of articles sort of defining my beliefs.  Sometimes life can get pretty busy for even me. Truth is, I have started this blog entry about six times, and was never really satisfied with where it went. I came to this realization a few days ago, the two fundamental differences in America between me as a 14 yo and my son as a 14 yo. I am 41(almost 42, got to hold out those few extra months) so we are only looking at 27 years, not a significant amount of time.

First and foremost in America, we as a citizenry have lost an understanding and appreciation of the individual.  I know I will sound like the dude with the spider map in the hidden closet, but I will say this the intentional destruction of the idea of individual worth begins at early age and is a conspiracy that runs rampant in American culture. Take for instance the public school mentality of participation prizes. I remember in 5th grade almost winning the prize for most sit-ups in a minute in the Presidential Fitness Test. Notice the use of “almost”(truthfully can’t recall if I finished 2nd or 3rd), but I didn’t win. And you know what, I am sure I didn’t come home crying about it. Someone else won, someone else excelled. Good for them. We didn’t all get the prize. An individual won! What blasphemy!

As an adult this continues with the horrific idea of being “politically correct,” which as much as proponents do not want to admit, is nothing but a different name for Fascism.  I say the two are intertwined because the whole intention of “political correctedness” is to make entire groups of people equal. And if you aren’t willing to do that, trouble ensues. “PC” destroys the individual, and much like chemotherapy is actually worse than the disease it is trying to treat. It is embraced on a wide scale, because of the desire to destroy individualism in America. It is the desire to make “every man a king” as was once a campaign slogan. Simple observation, go into a forest observe if all the trees are the same height. It is not natural for that to happen. What is natural and good is for all the trees to get pretty much the same exposure to the sun.

Secondly, our biggest problem in America, since I was 14 yo is the understanding of who “The Government or They” are. This is a proposition every American should “get” real easily. Look in the mirror and you will see “The Government” or  “They.” As long as we live in a country where you actually step in a voting booth and pull a lever, touch a screen, push a hole out in a piece of paper, whatever, you are “The Government.” You are “They.” (And if you don’t think you are they, you should clearly see that on April 15.) This extends from the smallest level to the biggest. I guarantee you you cannot go one week without someone saying to you, or overhearing the phrase “They should do something about that,” or “The Government should do something about that.” It upsets me to no end to hear people talk about gun control in this abstract framework. The suggestion in their mind is someone else is taking the gun bearers guns away, they aren’t infringing on the gun bearers rights, when that is exactly what they are doing.  “They” or “The Government” is taking away an individuals right to protect their own individualism and individual property. It’s frightening. In America, you are the government, and the more power you willingly give another person to act without your consent, the more your individualism suffers. Don’t act like this is rocket science, because it isn’t. It is simple.

It’s also simple what the end game of all of this is. We like to kid ourselves that this battle is more than it is. This is not a Left versus Right, or Conservative versus Liberal debate. This is individualism versus collectivism. Plain and simple. There is a very popular internet meme(that I agree with 99% btw) going around that says, “I want gay married couples to be able to protect their marijuana plants with guns.” That being said the only addendum needed to that is, without my property going to protect them.

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