Month: August 2014

FSHH at 4pm – #Mikebrown #Madden15 #FeralCatInGlenBurnie #Marvel #Beer #CollegeFootball #NakedAndAfraid

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Ethan and Jimmy are back at it again with our end of summer show. Yes, Labor Day is upon us, and we really don’t have a clue what we’re going to talk about, so we’ll give it a go.
– Wait…is Mike Brown really a gentle giant? We think not
– A feral cat shut down a school
– Marvel, Doctor Strange, and Doctor Doom
– College Football has begun
– Ethan’s Madden 15 review
– Naked and Afraid
– And more?

Non-Aggression live at 8. Talking #libertarian #ferguson #zara

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Tonight at Paul & Tim talk Ferguson, libertarians, morons, & heroes. We will even try google hangout.



VRWC @ 8pm – #MikeBrownFuneral #IceBucketChallenge #TacoAndBeer #BurgerKing

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We have the full crew – all four of us – as we’re winding down to the unofficial close of summer towards Labor Day weekend. We have several topics to discuss
– The media politicized a funeral for a thug
– A woman has her Obama statue stolen – terrible
– Ice Bucket Challenge & Catholics + now Taco and Beer
– We look at Naked and Afraid
– And our end of summer discussion plus Burger King

FSHH LIVE at 4pm – #Ferguson #NakedAndAfraid #IceBucketChallenge #FantasyFootball weekend

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Ethan and Jimmy are back to talk ab out a hodgepodge of stuff.
Ethan gives his thoughts on Ferguson (Yes, it’ still in the news. Sorry)
We both have been watching Naked and Afraid. We’ll give our views
Fantasy Football weekend is upon us. Fantastic
And the end of summer is approaching. We talk about that.

Non-Aggression Principle live at 8 Talking #Ferguson #powell #alsicebucketchallenge #swat

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Tonight at 8 Tim & maybe Paul if he gets here talk the latest updates in Ferguson, including the separate shooting of a knife wielding man in St. Louis County and how this will affect the SWAT lobby. We then will discuss the Ice Bucket Challenge. Is it narcissism disguised as charity? We will finish the show with our morons and heroes of the week.



Vast Right Wing Conspiracy at 8pm – #Ferguson #MikeBrown #RickPerry #SummerSlam

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The rotating cast of characters joins you tonight.

We’ll talk about the latest nonsense surrounding Ferguson (sorry, it’s the news of the day)

Rick Perry decides to turn himself in

Gawker attacks a woman who captured her burglar. We discuss

And our review of WWE SummerSlam

FSHH Live at 4pm – We talk latest on #MikeBrown & #Ferguson The whole #RobinWilliams thing and #FantasyFootball

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Happy Hour is going to be a little bit VRWC a little bit normal Friday hi jinx. We didn’t get a chance to talk about the whole Ferguson mess. We’ll give our opinions with updated news regarding those idiots out there. And Robin Williams committed suicide. That sucks. What about Fantasy Football this weekend? We got you covered. And what happens when a doctor forces one of her employees to motorboat her breasts?