Month: December 2014

Non-Aggression Principle live at 8 #yearendreview #deaths #cuba #miami #whitey #christmas #hannukah

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It’s our probable last show of the year (who knows we may do a drunken Christmas spectacular) and we recap the year that was, the stories that dominated the headlines, the people that died, the people who did and said moronic things, and the heroes that made the world a better place. But before we get to that Tim will recap his vacation to South Florida. Paul will hopefully be back from the Christmas pageant to talk the president’s Cuba policy, review Whitey:The United States v. James J. Bulger, and maybe talk about a certain state delegate-elect’s war to save Christmas.

It will be awesome.

VRWC 12-16-14 – #Sony Hack, #PoliceBrutality, #Mdpolitics Saving Christmas, #Harvard Law student & Exam Delay

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Our final (serious) live show of the year as the four banditos explore the following topics:
– Sony Entertainment is hacked, and the hackers are threatening more
– Paul brings us a police brutality video
– The CR was passed to fund the government…among other things
– A whiny Harvard Law student responds to criticism about requests to delay exams in wake of Michael Brown decision – we criticize further?

VRWC 12/9/14 – #NotreDame #WhitePrivilege Seminar, #CIA #Torture, #Gruber, #ColumbiaLaw, Santa Claus

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The boys are back together for another fun-filled holiday season show. Here’s the lineup for tonight
– Notre Dame has decided to offer a seminar on White Privilege – we discuss
– Rolling Stone claimed an UVA fraternity raped a girl…and got it wrong
– Columbia Law School is allowing students deeply affected why Michael Brown to postpone taking tests
– Gruber was grilled today but all they talked about was torture
– A family is not having Christmas for their kids
– And much, much more