Tonight at 8 The Non-Aggression Principle

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At 8 on Free State Radio we will respond to Martin O’Malley’s State of the State Address. We will wonder if Bill Gates should give him a talking to.

Later we will discuss the unrest in the Ukraine, why the US media is barely covering it, and how it may be the most important and scariest thing in the world right now.

And of course morons and heroes.

Watch it here.

The State of the State of Maryland

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Here is today’s State of the State address by Martin O’Malley. We will have a full response on both the Non-Aggression Principle tonight at 8 and on the blog later this weekend.

Perspective on the Anne Arundel County Executive’s Race

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By PAUL WILLIAM DRGOS JR. Drgos is a former Libertarian candidate for the Congressional 3rd District. He hosts the Non-Aggression Principle Thursday nights at 8 pm on Free State Radio. This article originally appeared in the Capital Gazette.

Recently, I was reading the Capital Gazette’s opinion column by Michael Collins, “Right Stuff: It’s a matter of party,” and felt that it was important to address not only certain misleading statements, but also to point out the lack of responsibility that was shown by Collins and his editors before publishing this and previous articles including “Right Stuff: ‘Rain tax’ loopholes.”

First, I’d like to address Collin’s speculation by assuring him that Neuman has had multiple requests from both the Republicans and the Democrats but has no intentions of running for anything other than county executive as a Republican. I would love to know what is meant by “the chattering class,” because outside of the Steve Schuh camp, there is no one with this absurd point of view.

The reference to Frenaye’s “Eye on Annapolis” article, while directly extracted, is at best misleading and at worst openly deceptive. The actual excerpt below shows that Frenaye’s article questioned whether Neuman would be lured by Ulman, due to her previous working relationship with him, to run as lieutenant governor. Obviously this is not possible since Ulman is Anthony Brown’s running mate. Further more, the actual reference seemed to be an obvious quip and not an actual possibility.

He also states that he believes that Neuman will be a capable manager and effective leader, and he stated that prior to her taking office.

Direct excerpt from Frenaye’s “Eye on Annapolis” article: “She was recruited by Ken Ulman, the Democrat Howard County executive to head the EDA in April 2011 and has been in that position for 10 months.

Neuman is a Republican and curiously the only political contribution on record is one to Ulman during his recent run. Ulman is also considered to be a leading candidate for governor in 2014. Could Neuman be tapped as a possible running mate for Ulman? Would she change parties? Or in a more interesting twist, might she change parties and run as a Democrat for Anne Arundel County executive as an incumbent? A Trojan horse?

Regardless, Neuman appears to be a capable manager and effective leader who has garnered the support of of many.”

Collins continues his political attacks on Neuman with no facts to back up his insinuations. He refers to “talk from political insiders” and “a person in the room.” While I understand that journalists need to protect their sources when real information is provided that could come back and harm them, I think political opinions are outside the realm of that umbrella. I find it atrocious that Collins would take back room gossip and obviously unsupported remarks as facts and then proceed to give his opinion based on these unsubstantiated and in some cases malicious comments.

If Collins wants to promote Schuh in the upcoming election, he has every right to, but implying that Neuman would “line up votes to override her veto” for political gain is contemptible. I also think that it is mighty hypocritical to “attack” the county executive without discussing the fact that the candidate that he is promoting supported and passed the law that put the county in this place to begin with.

As for Neuman’s veto of the ridiculous Anne Arundel County interpretation of the “rain tax”, Alan Rzepkowski, former chairman of the Anne Arundel Republican Central Committee said “It shows she is a conservative and she does care about the citizens of Anne Arundel County and the amount of taxes they pay.”

Lock & Load Radio

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John and Z-Man are takin’ over the ship tonight….You DEFINITELY won’t want to miss this!

From John “Tonight we talk about the curious case of CA State Senator Kevin De Leon who is busy crusading against the 30 caliber printed gun that uses 30 round clips and 30 round magazines interchangeably and can fire 30 rounds in half a second. While I am not one to question the technical accuracy of the Senator’s claims, I simply can’t wait to get my hands on that baby.

We’ll have a recap of what’s going on in Annapolis. Sherman’s march to New Jersey; and I may just rant a little bit about the driveway full of global warming, er climate change, er whatever that I had to shovel today. Tonight at 8:00pm !!!!!!

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Radio

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VRWC returned to Free State Radio on Tuesday. Here are some of the topics we discussed.

Weather Channel has an ongoing dispute with DirectTV. Why Jimmy found this annoying.

Wendy Davis is running for the Texas governorship. Unfortunately, she might run into a few hurdles along the way, including the fact she makes a habit of fibbing about her background. Take a look here –

Ethan discusses a new box on your W-2. He talks about it and why it might be important in the future.

What is the real  unemployment rate?

Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman seems to be causing quite a stir with his post game remarks on Sunday. Twitter outrage follows. Of course, we get garbage like this

All that and more only on Free State Radio

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