Vast Right Wing Conspiracy LIVE at 8pm – #PlannedParenthood and #Abortion, #Iran, #DonaldTrump, and #JaredFogle

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Have a loaded show after a week off. Big news today regarding Obama’s Iran deal. We discuss. Planned Parenthood is involved with baby body trafficking. More Republicans attack Donald Trump, and Jared Fogle is arrested. 

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy LIVE at 8PM – Talking #CharlestonShooting #ConfederateFlag @DeRay is an idiot

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What else would we talk about? People are still grieving after the Charleston Shooting. We give our take on it. Also, there’s a witch hunt on all things Confederate and DeRay is still an ass. 

FSHH 1-9-15 – #CharlieHebdo attacks, #JeSuisCharlie #FreeCommunityCollege, #2014 year in review

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Ethan and Jimmy are back for the first Happy Hour of the new year. Today we discuss
– Muslim terrorist strike again in Paris
– Obama wants free community college
– 2014 our impromptu year in review

@VRWCRadio Live at 8pm – #Democrats blame #Ebola on Republicans, #WendyDavis, #BrownUniversity, Ethan goes door knocking, and more

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The gang’s all here for another broadcasting week of mediocrity on Free State Network. We discuss
– Democrats are now blaming Ebola on Republicans. We discuss
– Wendy Davis is making a show of it down in Texas, especially with certain commercials
– Brown University is Racial Micro-aggression exhibit. Awesome
– Ethan went door knocking for local candidates
– Yesterday was Columbus Day – well, not for Seattle
– and much, much more

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy Radio – #NFL #Muslim penalized, #Oklahoma #Beheading, #MSNBC idiocy

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The gang’s all here! The gang’s all here. Have a loaded show. Among our topics
– MSNBC;s famed village idiot Melissa Harris-Perry says a beheading is workplace violence
– NFL penalizes a Muslim player last night. Rosie O’Donnell reacts. We discuss
– Senator Blumenthal wants to forgive student debt for people who work in over bloated public sector
– And much more

Free State Happy Hour – Roger Goodell, Fantasy Football, Iphone6plus, Scotland, Ethan Birthday Movies

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There’s three of us here today. We’re talking all kinds of pop culture and world news
– Scotland decided it wants to remain part of the UK – what this means for us…if anything
– Ethan is turning 53, we celebrate by talking about his worst movies
– Roger Goodell spoke today, we discuss
– And Iphone6 was released today. much news there

Free State Happy Hour @ 4pm – #AAPrimary14 post-mortem, #MDreps Unity, Andy Harris & #Pot, Thad #Cochran, #Transformers

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Jimmy flying solo today.

With a long week behind us, Jimmy will share his thoughts on

1.) The Maryland GOP primary, particularly what happened in Anne Arundel; Also will discuss the Unity Party 

2.) Rep Andy Harris wants to overturn DC pot decrim. I discuss

3.) Thad Cochran and McDaniel

4.) Transformers!

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