Vast Right Wing Conspiracy LIVE on YOUTUBE @ 8pm – #MarcoRubio and Sugar Subsidy, #DonaldTrump and more #BlackLivesMatter

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Title says it all. We’re talking #MarcoRubio  and #DonaldTrump  along with the GOP. We’re also talking about the #BlackLivesMatter

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy LIVE at 8pm – Talking #Cuckservative #HulkHogan and #PlannedParenthood

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The band’s back together today with another full plate of topics to discuss. The third #plannedparenthood video came out. More gruesome details there. A term called #cuckservative has emerged. We discuss the meaning. And #WWE is purging #HulkHogan from its roles.

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy LIVE at 8pm – #Trump vs. #GOP, New #Obama HUD regulations, #PlannedParenthood strikes again

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We’re back for another week of fantastic radio. We discuss the new HUD regulations that will be coming out tomorrow and how it will transform neighborhoods for the worse. Trump and the GOP continue to square off. Planned Parenthood is under attack again. Good. 

Free State Happy Hour – Same Sex Marriage, Obamacare, Charleston and the Confederate Flag

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Topic says it all. We’ve got a trifecta of topics today, first with the controversial SCOTUS decision of SSM, then we head over to Obamacare, and the Confederate Flag and all the liberal hi jinx that ensues afterwards. 

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy LIVE at 8PM – Talking #CharlestonShooting #ConfederateFlag @DeRay is an idiot

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What else would we talk about? People are still grieving after the Charleston Shooting. We give our take on it. Also, there’s a witch hunt on all things Confederate and DeRay is still an ass. 

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy – Memorial Day Violence, #Police Brutality, @DeRay & #ChucKCJohnson

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LIVE AT 8PM We had all had a hell of Memorial Day weekend, especially those living near cities which saw an eruption in violence, particularly Baltimore, which has experienced record violence since protestors insisted police are all bad guys. We also talk about one of the leaders of the movement – DeRay Whatshisname . 

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy – #Waco Biker Shooting, #HillaryClinton, #Baltimore Violence, Ramadi

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The crew’s all together. We have an array of topics to talk about. Ramadi is now in the hands of ISIS, Sally Kohn thinks the media showed racial bias during the Waco Biker Shootout, Hillary Clinton campaigns hits another flub, Baltimore violence is on the rise, and O’Malley is set to challenge.