Vast Right Wing Conspiracy LIVE at 8pm – #PlannedParenthood and #Abortion, #Iran, #DonaldTrump, and #JaredFogle

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Have a loaded show after a week off. Big news today regarding Obama’s Iran deal. We discuss. Planned Parenthood is involved with baby body trafficking. More Republicans attack Donald Trump, and Jared Fogle is arrested. 

@VRWCRadio Live at 8pm – #Democrats blame #Ebola on Republicans, #WendyDavis, #BrownUniversity, Ethan goes door knocking, and more

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The gang’s all here for another broadcasting week of mediocrity on Free State Network. We discuss
– Democrats are now blaming Ebola on Republicans. We discuss
– Wendy Davis is making a show of it down in Texas, especially with certain commercials
– Brown University is Racial Micro-aggression exhibit. Awesome
– Ethan went door knocking for local candidates
– Yesterday was Columbus Day – well, not for Seattle
– and much, much more

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy – Ben #Affleck on #Islam, Ed Schultz discussing Secret Service, More #Ebola, and 12 Worst Dracula Movies

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We’re back to start another fun filled week on Free State Radio. Here’s what we discuss
– Ben Affleck had a wonderful appearance on Bill Maher’s show. Much criticism occurred after. We discuss
– MSNBC panel claims even proposing Ebola travel ban is racist
– Ed Schultz claims secret service lapse is because of Republicans…or something
– 12 of the worst Dracula movies ever!

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy 9/18/14 – ISIS, The View & Rosie O’Donnell, Star Spangled Banner, War on Poverty

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The boys are back together for another week in broadcasting mediocrity.
– We talk about the latest on ISIS, including the idiocy of college students
– Rosie O’Donnell returned to The View and immediately makes a horses ass of herself
-Ethan brings us an exclusive update on the War on Poverty
– Thomas Sowell column on cheap politicians from Town Hall
– Star Spangled Banner comes under attack
– An U2 released an album for free…sort of

Free State Happy Hour @ 4pm – #AAPrimary14 post-mortem, #MDreps Unity, Andy Harris & #Pot, Thad #Cochran, #Transformers

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Jimmy flying solo today.

With a long week behind us, Jimmy will share his thoughts on

1.) The Maryland GOP primary, particularly what happened in Anne Arundel; Also will discuss the Unity Party 

2.) Rep Andy Harris wants to overturn DC pot decrim. I discuss

3.) Thad Cochran and McDaniel

4.) Transformers!

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VRWC is LIVE at 8pm #MDPolitics #TCOT #TheHostageGuy

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We’re live at 8pm talking politics…and stuff


VRWC returns at 8pm – #MDPolitics Filing Day, Idiot #Hollywood #Shooter,

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The boys are back with another exciting episode of whatever we’re called

A couple topics to discuss

It’s Maryland politicos filing deadline for money. We discuss.

Talk about this Hollywood shooter.

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