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Vast Right Wing Conspiracy LIVe at 8PM – #PlannedParenthood, #DonaldTrump, #RepublicanDebate

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It’s Paul and Jimmy this week as Ethan is retired and Tom is in the hospital with child. Today, well, we’ll see what happens. We’re talking about more Planned Parenthood nonsense, Baltimore’s federalization of police, and Donald Trump.

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy – MDGOP Convention, Donald #Sterling, and Washington and Lee

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In case you missed it, last night the boys talked about a few topics

-FIrst, Jackie @Wellfonder called in and gave us her thoughts about the MDGOP Convention

-Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA. We talk about hypocrisy and nonsense

-Finally a group of disgruntled law school students at Washington & Lee want the school to apologize for Robert E. Lee’s “dishonorable and racist” conduct. We discuss

VRWC Tonight at 8PM – Thoughts on Donald #Sterling banned, #MDGOP Convention Redux with @wellfonder, and student protest at Washington & Lee University

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Another jam-packed episode (two in a row) kicks off this week of Free State Radio’s extensive and LIVE internet radio awesomeness.

Jackie Lynn @Wellfonder, MD conservative blogger and radio host, will join us at 8:15 to give her impressions of the 2014 Spring MDGOP Convention

We’ll discuss the NBA’s lifetime ban on Donald Sterling and ramifications/expectations of privacy.

A group of knuckleheads from Washington and Lee University School of Law (Jimmy’s alma mater) threaten disobedience if the school doesn’t denounce Robert E. Lee.

And much more on VRWC. Listen in at Blogtalk or Stitcher or watch us LIVE on UStream