@VRWCRadio Live at 8pm – #Democrats blame #Ebola on Republicans, #WendyDavis, #BrownUniversity, Ethan goes door knocking, and more

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The gang’s all here for another broadcasting week of mediocrity on Free State Network. We discuss
– Democrats are now blaming Ebola on Republicans. We discuss
– Wendy Davis is making a show of it down in Texas, especially with certain commercials
– Brown University is Racial Micro-aggression exhibit. Awesome
– Ethan went door knocking for local candidates
– Yesterday was Columbus Day – well, not for Seattle
– and much, much more

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy at 8pm – #WhyIStayed #RayRice #IPhone6Plus #applewatch #AtlantaHawks

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Paul’s out today, but Jimmy Ethan and Tom tow the company line. Here’s what we talk about at 8pm
– Ray Rice was shitcanned, but there’s so much more to this story, including hypocrisy
– An Atlanta Hawks owner is in deep trouble over a “racist” email
– iPhone6 was revealed. We also discuss

NAP talks #immigration protest with @wellfonder tonight. The show goes live at 8

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Tonight Paul and Tim will have special guest Jackie Wellfonder on the air to discuss her recent Watchdog Wire article, this article in the Baltimore Sun and her response to it. It is not to be missed.

Plus we give you heroes and morons of the week.




VRWC returns at 8pm – #GlobalWarming #HobbyLobby #Union #GlobalWarming #Mdpolitics #TCOT

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Pauls on vacation, but the three of us are here with a plethora of topics

SCOTUS ruled on unions and the Hobby Lobby case. We discuss

A nice article from NRO about how politics pays

We discuss global warming

And a whole lot more


Free State Happy Hour @ 4pm – #AAPrimary14 post-mortem, #MDreps Unity, Andy Harris & #Pot, Thad #Cochran, #Transformers

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Jimmy flying solo today.

With a long week behind us, Jimmy will share his thoughts on

1.) The Maryland GOP primary, particularly what happened in Anne Arundel; Also will discuss the Unity Party 

2.) Rep Andy Harris wants to overturn DC pot decrim. I discuss

3.) Thad Cochran and McDaniel

4.) Transformers!

Listen in on BLOGTALK or at STITCHER or watch on USTREAM


Free State Happy Hour – #Sterling, #DeathPenalty, Superheroes, Scott Steiner, @LiberalDanRadio

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Ethan and Jimmy close down Free State Radio’s broadcasting week and have a full docket to talk about

Ethan’s Conspiracy Corner pays a visit with how America is turning into Nazi Germany

How politically correct Hollywood has gone off the rails with a column about how white dudes are simply not fit to be superheroes anymore.

Ethan opines about how most rich lobbyists are actually Democrats and not Republicans

Ethan’s “You might be a Douche.”

But first, we have a special treat for you with one of the rare gems of Blogtalk – Liberal Dan Radio

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VRWC Returns at 8pm #Mdpolitics #tcot #tlot

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We’re back on the air again tonight. Not much to discuss, but we’ll find something

They’re burning babies in England. We talk. 

We might talk about Doug Gansler and Anthony Brown and their fabulous commercials.

And whatever else we talk about…

Listen here or Watch here