VRWC 1-13-15 – #CharlieHebdo, #Obama refuses to go to Paris, #CollegeFootball championship, #Keystone

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The boys are back (sans Ethan) and are ready to discuss the following topics:
– Charlie Hebdo’s magazine cover – reaction from all sides
– Obama didn’t attend the Paris march. Are we overreacting
– CNN and MSNBC commentators are still idiots
– Keystone Pipeline
– College Football Championship´╗┐

@VRWCRadio is back at 8pm talking #Israel and #Hamas, #Federal Employees watching porn, and #GuardiansOfTheGalaxy

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We’re back with another week of Free State Radio
We’re talking
– Guardians of the Galaxy was released. It’s awesome. We discuss
– Federal Employees are surfing porn…what’s their excuse?
– A connection between employment, state, and political party
– Ed Schultz´╗┐