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VRWC 1-27-15 – CBO report on #Obamacare, #Blizzardof2015, Paid Sick Leave, #MarchforLife and Methodist Church

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Topics today include:
– CBO released the latest on Obamacare costs – $50,000 per person
– The Blizzard (sort of) happened
– More talk of paid sick leave, both in the Feds and MD
– March for Life fallout with Methodist Church
– Royal Rumble took place
– and much more?

Vast Right Wing Conspiracy 11-11-14 – Final #Election2014 thoughts, Maryland GOP Politics and @BrianGriffiths latest articles, Net Neutrality, Voter Intelligence, @Salon author slams Veterans Day

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The gang’s all here. Today, we take a vast post mortem of last week plus we talk about news of this week.
– More Election Fallout
– Jimmy’s off the Anne Arundel Republican County Central Committee – and discusses future of MDGOP, including two articles from Red Maryland’s Brian Griffiths
– Obama on Net Neutrality,
– Voter Intelligence
– Salon author slams Veterans Day
– And much, much more

@FreeStateRadio Happy Hour 10-24-14 – @MDDems and Anthony Brown play the race card, Canadian terrorist, Ouiji boards, Avengers 2, and more

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Ethan and Jimmy join you for another exciting end of week episode leading up to Ethan’s conspiracy show. Today we talk
– Maryland Dems are using the race card with two fliers. We talk
– A terrorist attacks Canada
– Ethan has talks about the latest Avengers trailer
– It’s Halloween time. What’s this about Ouiji boards?
– And more

@VRWCRadio at 8pm 10-21-14 edition – #Obama causes crowd to leave – @QuintonReport covers, Democrats play the race card ahead of elections, and much more

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The gang is all here at 8pm to discuss a jam-packed weekend of news
– Obama attended an Anthony Brown fundraiser here in Maryland (h/t QuintonReport). People walked out. Both the media and MD Dems tried to cover their ass. It failed miserably
– Another thing was noted at the Obama rally – diversity.
– And we’ll take a look at how the Dems and media are already playing the race card
– MRC video on how the African-American caucus are hypocrites when it comes to Michelle Obama’s food plan
– That and much, much more

Free State Happy Hour @ 4pm – #AAPrimary14 post-mortem, #MDreps Unity, Andy Harris & #Pot, Thad #Cochran, #Transformers

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Jimmy flying solo today.

With a long week behind us, Jimmy will share his thoughts on

1.) The Maryland GOP primary, particularly what happened in Anne Arundel; Also will discuss the Unity Party 

2.) Rep Andy Harris wants to overturn DC pot decrim. I discuss

3.) Thad Cochran and McDaniel

4.) Transformers!

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FSR is LIVE at 3pm – Talking #Washington #Redskins #Trademark, #MDPolitics, #Election2014 and much, much more

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Ethan and Jimmy take you into the weekend with another exicting…or not so exciting…episdoe of Free State Happy Hour

A couple of hot button topics today

We talk about the Washington Redskins trademark issues and the bullshit surrounding the name

We also talk about local Maryland politics and the election around the corner, particularly this article 

All that and more

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VRWC is LIVE at 8pm #MDPolitics #TCOT #TheHostageGuy

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We’re live at 8pm talking politics…and stuff