Free State Happy Hour – Same Sex Marriage, Obamacare, Charleston and the Confederate Flag

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Topic says it all. We’ve got a trifecta of topics today, first with the controversial SCOTUS decision of SSM, then we head over to Obamacare, and the Confederate Flag and all the liberal hi jinx that ensues afterwards. 

#AntiVaxxers, #Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial, #AlSharpton, #Obamacare voted down, Ethan’s Philosophy

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Ethan, Jimmy, and Tom are all back in another exciting week of FSR. Lots of topics to discuss. Lots.
– The vaccine debate is heating up in the GOP field. What the hell is that about?
– Budweiser Super Bowl commercial pissed a bunch of people off, including Jimmy.
– Christie loves perks of office; Scott Walker rises
– Ethan posted a blog. We discuss.
– Obamacare voted out
– Al Sharpton doesn’t pay taxes
– Washington Post manners columnist says don’t eat at Chik-Fil-A
– and more?

VRWC 1-27-15 – CBO report on #Obamacare, #Blizzardof2015, Paid Sick Leave, #MarchforLife and Methodist Church

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Topics today include:
– CBO released the latest on Obamacare costs – $50,000 per person
– The Blizzard (sort of) happened
– More talk of paid sick leave, both in the Feds and MD
– March for Life fallout with Methodist Church
– Royal Rumble took place
– and much more?

VRWC 1.6.15 – #FireBoehner, #Feminism in 2015, #BlackBrunchNYC, #Harvard and #Obamacare

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The show’s back sans Tom and Paul, who were caught in the clipper that raced through the Mid-Atlantic. Doesn’t matter because we have a show to do. Topics today include
– There was sort of a rebellion on the Hill today with some Republicans wanting to oust Boehner. #FireBoehner
– Washington Post has an article about what leading #feminists want to see in 2014
– #BlackBrunchNYC happened. We laugh.
– #Harvard Professors are having a tough time with #Obamacare
– That and much much more

Free State Happy Hour – #Sterling, #DeathPenalty, Superheroes, Scott Steiner, @LiberalDanRadio

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Ethan and Jimmy close down Free State Radio’s broadcasting week and have a full docket to talk about

Ethan’s Conspiracy Corner pays a visit with how America is turning into Nazi Germany

How politically correct Hollywood has gone off the rails with a column about how white dudes are simply not fit to be superheroes anymore.

Ethan opines about how most rich lobbyists are actually Democrats and not Republicans

Ethan’s “You might be a Douche.”

But first, we have a special treat for you with one of the rare gems of Blogtalk – Liberal Dan Radio

Listen in at Blogtalk or Stitcher or watch us LIVE on Ustream


VRWC Tonight at 8PM – Thoughts on Donald #Sterling banned, #MDGOP Convention Redux with @wellfonder, and student protest at Washington & Lee University

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Another jam-packed episode (two in a row) kicks off this week of Free State Radio’s extensive and LIVE internet radio awesomeness.

Jackie Lynn @Wellfonder, MD conservative blogger and radio host, will join us at 8:15 to give her impressions of the 2014 Spring MDGOP Convention

We’ll discuss the NBA’s lifetime ban on Donald Sterling and ramifications/expectations of privacy.

A group of knuckleheads from Washington and Lee University School of Law (Jimmy’s alma mater) threaten disobedience if the school doesn’t denounce Robert E. Lee.

And much more on VRWC. Listen in at Blogtalk or Stitcher or watch us LIVE on UStream

VRWC – Maryland Governor Race, Death from #Obamacare, @QuintonReport, and MD Candidate Terry DeGraw

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The band’s back together tonight for the start of the Free State Radio broadcast week. Not only do we have one quest, but two.

We’ll touch on what Democratic Congressman Lynch had to say about Obamacare. 

At 8:15, we go a little local. Terry Lynn DeGraw, a local candidate her in Maryland will call into the show.

At 8:35, Jeff Quinton from The Quinton Report touches base with us on the latest in politics.

Tom might have something to say about Justice Stevens

And whatever else we get to.

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