Vast Right Wing Conspiracy LIVE on YOUTUBE @ 8pm – #MarcoRubio and Sugar Subsidy, #DonaldTrump and more #BlackLivesMatter

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Title says it all. We’re talking #MarcoRubio  and #DonaldTrump  along with the GOP. We’re also talking about the #BlackLivesMatter

@VRWCRadio LIVE at 8pm – #Hillary Clinton #TimTebow #AmericanDream #Mars

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The boys are all back together and we have a sort of jammed back show on a rather slow news week. MSNBC’s resident racist and tax-dodger owes the IRS 70K, yet she’s going to White House Correspondence Dinner. Is the American Experiment dead? There was a shit-in at Cal Polyptych. More about Hillary Clinton, and whatever else we decide.