Vast Right Wing Conspiracy returns tonight at 8pm

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Tonight Tom and Jimmy return to the airwaves of Free State Radio –  with an exciting show lined up for you.

– We discuss the coming State of the Union address by Czar Obama

– Minimum Wage is back in the news yet again. The advocates for such an increase may not be as nice as you think

– Are House GOP members turning their back on America? Why a push for an Immigration bill when we’re concerned about jobs?

-That and much more at 8pm

Today at 4pm Free State Happy Hour returns

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Ethan and Jimmy return to you after another packed week of FSR shows with quite a bit to talk about.

Ethan wants to address the War on Poverty. Take a look at this article

Holder charged GOP activist and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza with a felony for a campaign finance issue. Why was a Democrat charged with a misdemeanor for the same offense?

Our thoughts on disgraced VA governor Bob McDonnell

Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman now claims that “thug” is a racist word.

9 iconic name brands that will soon fall to the wayside